Natalia Kleszczewska (born. 1999) 
Graduate of graphic arts at the Academy of  Fine Arts in Katowice with a diploma with distinction. She completed her primary diploma in the digital graphics studio with Prof. dr. hab. Adam Romaniuk and dr Marta Pogorzelec. The painting annex was realized in the studio of Prof. dr hab. Jacek Rykala and dr hab. Aleksander Kozera.
Her activities are mainly focused on graphics, drawing, and painting. Explores different artistic spaces, intertwining with each other traditional techniques with digital ones. When creating, she uses primarily signs and shapes. In her work, the humanoid form or inner portrait is a frequent starting point, embedded in certain melancholic vacuums and empty scenes.
These are the search for convenience at the chosen moment of distraction or without context, in the time of being “in-between”.

fot. Mikołaj Zdancewicz

Selected exhibitions:

— 2023 – Lokum, Galeria Gablotki, Kraków
— 2023 – Muta, Rondo Sztuki, Katowice
— 2022 – Fantomy, Sala Otwarta ASP Katowice
Group exhibitions: 
— 2023 –Biennale Plakatu Polskiego Katowice 2023, BWA Katowice, Poland
— 2023 –Miasto. Muzyka. Zmiana, wystawa na 18 lat festiwalu Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Teren festiwalu, Black Woolf cafe, Katowice, Poland
— 2022 –The 7th Wa no Contemporary in Japan: Art Museum in the Summer Night Castle, Hiunkaku, Takamatsu Castle, Japan
— 2021 –Miedzynarodowe Triennale Notacji Artystycznej NOTO, Kraków, Poland
— 2021–Biennale Plakatu Polskiego Katowice 2021, BWA Katowice, Poland
— 2020 –Utazu Art Award Biennial, U-Plaza Utazu, Japan

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